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Soccer City

it’s time to join the soccer metaverse revolution!

Bringing Soccer Manager Gaming to the Metaverse!


We are creating a Breakthrough Soccer City in the Metaverse. Join Soccer City, buy a land, create a club, join tournaments, and get rewarded. Sell your digital assets to others. Start your business here.

Become a fan
Watch your favorite clubs' matches and earn tokens.
Buy a land
Buy a land plot and start creating your club.
Create your club
Create a club, collect NFTs, improve the squad.
Set businesses
Create a business, rent/sell assets, earn daily tokens.
Earn money
To earn money/token, Win tournaments, sell/sent your assets or businesses.

Fan capsule

Eleven Kings Game

We are Eleven Kings Team. Founded in 2017, Eleven Kings is an online soccer manager game, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Ronaldinho, the legendary soccer player is the main face and influencer of the Game. We are excited to bring our passion, vision, and experience to the Metaverse!

Create a club and join adventure!

Soccer Metaverse League

1st League
1st League will be the highest tier. Each League will consist of 20 teams. 1st place will be declared as the Champion of the Meta Soccer League. The bottom 3 teams will be relegated to the 2nd League.
2nd-4th Leagues
The Top 3 teams in each League will be promoted to the upper League. The bottom 3 teams in each League will be relegated to the lower League.
5th League
Only the Top 3 teams will be promoted to the 4th League.

Our Team

Orkhan Rzayev
Muzaffar Pashazade
Sarkhan Rzazadeh
Yahya Aliyev
Shirvan Shirvanli
Head of Social Media
Nihat Qasimli
Head of Communications
Nijat Zamanov
Full Stack Developer
Elshad Pirimov
Software Engineer
Gulnar Khidirova
Motion Designer
Elvin Aliyev
UI/UX Designer
Zeybullah B.
Character Designer
Gulshan Jafarli
Community manager
Shahla Mammadli
Social Media Manager

Our Advisors

Vagif Abbasov
Enterpreneur and Advisor
Chris Coll-Beswick
Blockchain Investor and Advisor
Jedidiah Taylor
Enterpreneur and Advisor




  • Transactions

  • Purchases

  • In-game spendings

  • NFT & Other Collectibles

  • Land, Stadium assets 

  • Match & Event tickets


Q3, 2017 – Q3, 2021

  • Eleven Kings Game concept creation
  • Mobile game launch
  • Company incorporation in Lausanne, Switzerland
  • Long-term partnership with Ronaldinho, legendary soccer star
  • Partnership with Sheffield United (English Premier League, 2020)

Q4, 2021

  • Soccer City concept creation 
  • Formation of core team 
  • Branding & content development

Q1, 2022

  • Website launch
  • Whitepaper v1.0 launch
  • Acquisition of Strategic Partners & Private Investors

Q2-Q4, 2022

  • Promo video launch
  • Involvement of strategic partners
  • Involvement of technology partners
  • Involvement of investors

Q2, 2023

  • Security Audit
  • Public IDO launch
  • DEX listing
  • Staking
  • Stadium private presale
  • Land presale
  • Assets purchase

Q4, 2023

  • NFTs and initial smart contracts for Metaverse
  • Clubs creation & upgrades
  • Player upgrades
  • Stadium upgrades
  • Marketplace launch (Beta)

Q1-Q2, 2024

  • 3D Game official launch
  • Meta Soccer League (MSL) launch
  • Meta Soccer Cup (MSC) launch
  • Meta Champions League (MCL) launch
  • Player performance NFT launch
  • Player ability NFT launch

Q3-Q4, 2024

  • VR Game Beta launch
  • Referral system
Metaverse is here!

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Soccer City is a virtual world, where people will be able to create & play soccer games, own lands, stadiums and other future available assets.

$SOCCR is the official cryptocurrency of the Soccer City, which users will use to perform in-game actions. The $SOCCR Token is a standard BEP-20 token of the Binance Smart Chain network with a limited supply.

Soccer City is based on Binance Smart Chain, with the token type BEP-20

Our strategy is very straightforward: 1) raise funds, 2) leverage those funds to create Soccer City world, 3) build community 4) launch land plots and other assets; 5) start soccer matches & competitions.


Our IDO is planned for the second quarter of 2022. Follow our social media channels to be the first to receive fresh news.

The investment volume is solely upon the person's own decision. You can register and join Soccer City for free. In order to participate in leagues or own a club, users will have to purchase certain NFT assets.

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